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Why Hire an Expert Tree Trimming Company?

You may do some online research, and come to the conclusion that you can forego hiring an Anaheim tree trimming company. However tree work can be quite dangerous and it’s definitely something you should leave to the professionals. You could end up damaging your trees or damaging your home! Cutting limbs off a tree is not as simple as you might think. If you prune the wrong area, or you cut the limb wrong, you could severely damage the tree. When you try to prune very large limbs, this creates a wound on the tree. This wound is often hard for the tree to heal and can expose the tree to rot, insects, and disease. Some people think that to prune a tree, all they need to do is to top the tree. Topping can harm your trees and make them grow wrong or can even kill the tree.

On top of being a risk for your trees, doing your own pruning can actually put your life and your property at risk. Large limbs need to be secured when they are cut. If they roll the wrong way, you could be pinned underneath the limb, or the limb may fall on your house or vehicle. Hiring a knowledgeable company that is well experienced with tree trimming is imperative to ensure that the job is done correctly.

Why Get Your Trees Trimmed?

Having your trees properly trimmed will help in a wide variety of ways. Overgrown trees can look unsightly and even bring your property values down. In some areas, you may even get into trouble with your HOA and local government if you do not keep your yard looking neat. Regular tree cutting will not only help improve the aesthetic in your yard, but it will also help to protect you and your property as well. 

There are many reasons to get your trees pruned. These reasons include:


If you have trees that have dead limbs or have limbs that are growing faster than the others, it can look terrible. Getting a haircut for your tree will help to give the tree a whole new look.

Fruit production

If you have fruit trees, they should be pruned regularly to help the tree grow and produce fruit. If the tree has dead limbs, this can encourage disease and insects to come to the tree.


When you have a professional tree service prune your tree, they will do it properly, which will make the roots stronger and will help new branches to grow in properly.

Hazardous limb removal

Dead branches can become very dangerous during a high wind day or during a severe storm. In some cases, the branch will just fall for no reason due to the fact that it is rotten. If you have dead limbs that are growing over your home or power line, they could pose a significant threat and should be removed.

View enhancement

In some cases, you may have a view that has been obstructed by tree branches. Getting these branches trimmed will allow you to have your view back.

Disease treatment

Pruning your trees can help to prevent disease and treat disease that has already gotten on the tree.

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Cost of Tree Trimming

Once you start to look at getting some of the trees on your property trimmed, you may be curious as to how much money you will need to do this. The cost of trimming a tree will depend on several different things. These include:

Amount. The number of trees. If you have several different trees that need to be trimmed, this will be reflected in the price.

Difficulty. The difficulty of the tree being trimmed. If the tree is easy to get to and trim, the price will be lower than a tree that is going to be hard to get to. For example, a tree limb that is hanging over your house may be more expensive as special care will need to be taken to get it down without damaging the home.

Time. The timeframe in which it will take to get the pruning done will factor into the cost.

When is the Best Time for Tree Pruning?

The best time for tree pruning will depend on what type of tree you have on your property. Let’s consider some of the most common types below.

Young trees.

When you have a young tree, you will want to have it develop a good shape and have the right amount of pruning. When trees are young, they will need only a small amount of trimming. This is typically done in the fall, but be sure to ask your tree trimming professional about when they think your young tree should be pruned


Deciduous trees are trees that lose their leaves in the fall of each year. These trees should be pruned during the fall and winter months after they have entered their dormant season. This allows for easier access to see the branches.

Flowering trees

If you have flowering trees on your property, they should be pruned after they have bloomed for the year. If there are dead limbs, you can trim those off at any point in the year.


Subtropic trees can be pruned year-round as needed.

Doing What Other Tree Companies in Anaheim Won't

Other tree companies in Anaheim will not give you the customer service experience we will. Our staff will work well with you and will explain everything that we will do when we come out to trim your trees. We also offer a 24-hour emergency service that is great for when you have a tree limb in danger of falling on your home or vehicle.

If you are in need of tree pruning services, please give us a call today. We are here to help you make sure that your trees look great and are healthy.

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